Talk at the eleventh annual Trenton Martini revue is all about recalling our new Mayor ..


"Recalllll, Oh Recall,

Let's recall our little Mayor.

He fired all our police force,

And didn't seem to care."

"I don't know which thing I didn't like most: 8 Business Administrators in 15 months, His brother bilking water customers, His illegal contracts, His heroin addicted chief of staff? I'm getting on in years and I just don't think I've seen anything like this."


Martini Reviewers are sobered by a fellow partier with inside knowledge of City Hall.

"I just knew that guy didn't know a work of art from a 'Wanted' Poster"
"And finally, and in conclusion, I ask all of you assembled here tonight, to put down your cocktail and sign our humble petition to recall Trenton's Mayor Tony F. Mack"