What do those Martini People talk about all night? It must be darn interesting ..


"Natasha, what who shall we talk to first. "

"Well hello. Won't you join our extraordinaryly interesting conversation. "

"I'm telling you dear he's going to stare into space like that all night. He's completely under my control."

"You know I was going to wear my spiderweb top tonight but it's at the cleaners"

"Barbara dear, you know my 90th Birthday is coming up next summer. Have you thought about what you're going to get me yet? "
"I didn't get the joke. Could someone explain it to me? "
"I'm laughing but, I don't think I got it either"

"Look buddy, we've got people waiting.

What're you going to have?"

"I'll tell you why we're smiling. Darn it if we weren't just sitting here talking and drinking and we didn't come up with the cure for cancer."

"I'm telling you they cured cancer right inside "

"I heard that too. Right here at the Martini Revue. Who would have thunk it "

"Well, I guess that's OK. Let me tell about my surefire cure for hiccups "

" I don't know about cancer but this spread sure is a cure for the rumblings in my stomach "
"Cancer cures? I guess, but we don't have an award for that. However, we do have an award for the 2009 Best Dressed Couple "