The elite Trenton male moves around the Martini Revue with an inate sense of confidence and style


Out of the corner of her eye she watches with awe as a Martini Man enters the room

Every where you look at the Martini Revue you see men with swagger and refinement

The men of the Martini Revue are reminiscent of the days of the Rat Pack

OK, maybe a slightly goofy rat pack with koala bears climbing up their martini glasses

You can always count on beautiful women being drawn to the Martini Man
Just as you can always count on the Martini Man being drawn to beautiful women.
A Martini Man has the confidence to break out into song with his pals in the middle of a crowded room .....
... or alone in the corner .
"Jim, smile so those babes over there will think we've got swagger and style too. "
"Honey let me tell you my man has swagger. It takes a lot of it to wear this kind of style."