Once again, the 2009 Martini Revue has "Glasses gone Wild" BYOG is the only way to go at the Revue


Sarah Stengal's high concept glasses always get a thumbs up.

Leather and chains from the couples private collection are a kinky addition to this year's glassware.
Cie brings us the world's smallest martini glass complete with its own magnifying glass. Cie was the sober one.

Pat and Jim are buttoned up and colorful with glasses straight from the sewing drawer

Perenial favorite Michele Post displays a colorful ensemble that extends from head to toe to glass.

"You know, last time I checked, martini glasses were made for drining martinis"

We don't just admire the glasses we award them. Carolyn Stetson gets the award for most elegant "purchased" glass.

And Sarah Stengal for best "hand-made" glass. Pretty impressive.