Once again the Martini Revue sinks to a new level of gin induced debauchery

"Baby, did they say there was going to be debauchery here tonight? Oh boy, I can't wait."

"Darling, is that your hand on my ass? "

"Oh yes baby."

"Well then, who's hand is on my thigh?"

` "Could I interest you in some debauchery? "

"Maam, is that overgrown elf behaving inappropriately?"

"Ahh I rember so fondly the days when I would have actually had a chance."

"I wonder if he knows how good a chance he actually has?"

OK, this has once again, gone too far!

"I won. I won. "

"There, there baby. Let daddy tell you how lucky you are. "

He is, the most interesting man in Trenton.