This year's Trenton Martini Revue produced a bumper crop of beautiful and creative martini glasses. The BYOG concept which started as a necessity because the hosts didn't have 100 martini glasses lying around, has blossomed into a vibrant display of originality in alcohol consumption.


The real artists in the room always seem to come up with the best efforts.

Meet Michelle Post and her salt & pepper shaker glass.

No really, the glass is circled with one of a kind salt and pepper shakers.
Relative newcomers Kelly and Lisa Giblin received honors with their shamelessly Trenton-centric glass pair masterwork, "Trenton Makes The Best Martinis"

They actually did construct a two glass replica of the Trenton Makes bridge.

Notice the topical financial meltdown theme in these glasses.

But more impressively, notice how Harry and Deborah Raven have carefully coordinated their glasses with their evening wear.

Perennial glass making favorites, Tina and Rob Greco show off their 2008 edition and their color coordinated cocktails.

Martini Revue newcomers Carmen and Georgina Marchionni make a play on their own interracial pairing.

In the 8th year, glass development has gone beyond couples and now even friends work together on glass concepts.

Artists Kate Graves and Sarah Stengle took the opportunity to "experiment" with new concepts in martini glassware.

And while though Halloween was still almost a month a way, Brian Murphy and the men from Mill Hill worked up a triple threat glass combination .