Much has been said about the Martini Revue awards show and musicale. Some view it as an honor to be presented with prizes for best glass or outfit. Others view it as an inappropriate but unexplainably thrilling encounter with the co-hosts.

"Best dressed again? Oh my but how did I manage to deserve such an honor? Thank you! Thank you, gentlemen!"

"Stop my beating heart and hold me tight. Best glass? Oh just for the thrill of being here on the winners podium with such a dashing group of men. "
` "I don't think so. "

"Is this the line to get up on stage with those luscious hosts."


"Hey wait just a minute! One of those dirty old men is Dad!"

"Oh my this is a shocking display. It reminds me of something. Honey do you remember that strange show we saw in Amsterdam? "
OK, this has once again, gone too far!