And now for a few more words about responsible drinking ....


"Hi there. My name's Brian. I'll be your co-host tonight. I'd like to say a few words about responsible drinking at the Trenton Martini Revue. "

"It's been 8 years, I'd have thought you'd have got it out of your system by now."

First, the basics. You'll be tempted by our carefully selected menu of specialty martinis. They were hand picked by the now famous Martini Tasting Council. We include at least four new and trendy drinks plus the classic standbys, gin, vodka and Cosmo.

Our demonstration couple's glasses say it best.

Second. Stand close together as our next demonstration couple is doing. Should you fall, the chances of dropping your glass are greatly reduced.

Better yet, use the drinking buddy system as our third couple is demonstrating. Also, notice the skepticism with which this drinker considers his alcohol consumption. And finally, be a friend and place health warnings on your buddy's martini glass when he's had too much.

This martini drinking pair are doing everything just right.

Finally, know when to say when.