The men of the Martini Review are connoisseurs of the cocktail


"I say, quite a smashing cocktail "

"Quite right, a delicate blend, obviously prepared by a master barman "

"Tell me Garry old man, does the Kentucky social season include martinis, or is it all mint juleps?"

Groovy Martini guys bust a move

The sophisticated Martini man wears black tie and always keeps his wits about him.



Ok, two out of three martini men wear black tie and keep their wits

"Black tie, schmack tie ... this martini guy is getting the gals."

The Trenton martini man knows just when to step into the middle of a photo op with his neighbors

The sophisticated ... Umm

The wordly

.... Umm

The drunk guys in basement seems to be having fun.

"Man these guys need to take lessons in cool"