In a Martini world, women always smile in an alluring way


Perhaps not alluring, so much as a slightly deranged, wide eyed "get out of my face you creep" look
"Well, I know I'm alluring because I'm wearing a boa, and boas are hot"
"We're smiling because this is our 7th Martini Revue and by now, the smile is sort of frozen to our faces"
"Oh ladies, I see something I definitely like"
"Cheers to you babe"
"I know it's wrong on so many levels, but I just love being around these Martini Women"
"Ladies, let's sneak upstairs and check out those martini guys."
"Another Martini Revue, another picture of me with all these blonde chicks"
There's often a quiet elegance to the Martini woman. She let's you know what she wants with just the slightest of smiles.
... And then sometimes the Martini Girl is a bit more direct.
But always, the Martini woman comes to the Revue with her best dress, her best jewels and her best smile.