With all the new retro TV shows like "Mad Men" and "Swingtown" winning critical acclaim, the Martini Revue tips it's hat Trenton's own sex appeal


"Squeeze in tighter for the picture ladies."


"That's it, that's it, closer, closer! "

"You keep doing that big boy and I'll feed you all the martinis you want"
` "Hold me closer, I won't break "
"Why Santa, let me tell you what I really want for Christmas."
"Stick around and we'll show you the rest of the picture"
"Ladies, these three are all mine."

"I'm going to eat him alive"




"She's going to eat me alive"

"Oh I'm longing so for his gentle embrace. But, he seems so, so... distant.

Can't he feel my gaze? Can't he smell my perfume? Can't he offer his jacket to warm these bare arms?

Oh desire. Oh longing.

Oh crap, I've had way too many drinks. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about"

"Amateurs ... true eroticism is best expressed through the abstract expressionism of my 'pink' period"