This year's groovy martini guy went distinctly black tie. It's a sign of our sophisticated times.


Michael Fischler wowed his friends in a radical departure from his beatnik past with a very polished black tie look.
Garry Feltus had his groove going and picked up a prize for "Best Dressed".
Even Republicans dressed well. Though they didn't have much of an audience for the "Forrester for Governer" pitch.
Mike Raab, the male portion of our best dressed couple, accessorized to create a bold new Trenton look.
No stranger to accessorizing, Shawn Lawson takes a slightly wilder approach to male glamour.
Perrenial snappy dresser, Siri Om Singh, combines Yoga Master fashion and some funky moves.
Well-dressed party goers are even starting to bow to the ladies.
Some day, maybe the hosts will grow up and straighten their ties. But until then, they'll just get along baby.
"Man, I've been getting along, all along.