What started out as a subdued evening of light jazz and cheese platters ....
... soon became complicated by the mysterious hugging woman in the gold dress and black feathers.
She was always stirring up things and giving people ideas.
The drunken elf got the idea that what this party needed was some cabaret singing ... so he carefully explained his plan to the singer.
"Yeah baby ... that's what I'm talking about", said the drunken elf.
Some of the partygoers joined in with a little more exuberance and "excitement" than others.
The drunken elf was impressed by the exuberance and excitement.
"My oh my I just love a wild cabaret show!"
"Why is it that this party always seems to get out of hand, why can't we just have a nice sophisticated evening in Trenton?", she said with a sigh of despair.

"I thought being a hostess would be glamorous ... Shoot, where's my damn drink?"